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When it comes to vehicles what is the most significant visible aspect to help bring that car to life: that's right its THE WHEELS. Wheels come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes, but what is common is their coating, which on a good well looked after car will only have a life cycle of 3 to 4 years (excluding kerb damage etc).

When that coating breaks down the aesthetical look of the wheels will quickly deteriorate and can soon make the difference between a good and poor looking car. So whether you're buying and selling, a collector, an enthusiast or a general user, then why not bring those wheels back to life without the expense of having to purchase new.

Well here at MSS we have dedicated a whole department and its resources to doing just this, providing an Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leeds service that is second to none, both in quality and service. This department has been designed, laid out and set up for this sole purpose in mind, and goes under the slogan WHEEL DOCTOR.

This department is based on a philosophy similar to that of a production line, so as to enable close monitoring of quality and to provide the level of service that makes us number one in the wheel refurbishing market. The focal points of this department are the upside down conveyor oven, automatic blast machine and specially formulated/designed stripping tanks.

Alloy: The current favourite base material of wheels, its anti rust properties and the ability of casting make it the ideal choice over its competitors. It is still susceptible to corrosion, but this can be minimised with good care and early refurbishing treatment. Newly refurbished alloy wheels carry a 12 months guarantee.

Steel: Steel wheels have a lot of disadvantages over alloy, the main being rust, weld points and its non-casting attributes. However they are still popular on heavy vehicles and off road machines, where strength and balance is paramount. Whilst the process is the same as that for alloys the finish is sometimes not as effective, primarily due to the corrosion factor of steel, and because of coating weak spots around weld points newly furbished wheels do not carry a 12 months guarantee.

Magnesium Alloy: Primarily used because of its lightweight properties and probably most recognised from the mini light wheels, this type of wheel is very susceptible to corrosion and pitting due to its very soft properties. In a lot of cases refurbishment works will highlight this corrosion and pitting problem even more. Newly refurbished magnesium alloy wheels carry a 12 months guarantee.

MSS have invested time and effort to bring the ideal Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leeds service to you, so why not give that car the boost of life it needs or deserves and give us a call. You will be joining our distinct list of customers, such as Ferrari, Lotus, Lexus, JCT 600, Dixons and many more.

A few advantages of the Wheel Doctor are:

Can be up to ten times cheaper than replacements
In many cases the new coating is better and more resilient than the original
Change of colour and choice
Removal of kerb damage



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