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Cleaning your alloy wheels

Treating you and your wheels to a refurbishment from MSS Wheeldoctor, simply leaves you feeling and looking great as you cruise down the street with the best looking wheels in town. However, in order to keep your wheels looking that great all the time, you must maintain them effectively.

When you visit your local Halfords or other specialist car parts and maintenance store, you will notice their are hundreds of different wheel cleaning products, however our advise is to stay well away from these products. Although the packaging on these products may state they can have your wheels looking all shiny and new, they do infact give them a shine, but over time can cause some serious damage to the wheels. The reason we advise our customers to steer away from these types of cleaners, is because they usually contain a mild acid, which over time will damage the surface of the wheels, which then means the wheels will need refurbishing again.

Our advise is simply good old fashioned soap and water. Give the wheels a good wash with warm, soapy water and finish off with making sure you dry them with a lint free cloth. It is important to remember the drying part, as leaving the wheels wet will lead to water marks on the wheels.

If you need any more information regarding the cleaning of your wheels, or to book in an appointment to see one of our alloy wheel refurbishment Leeds specialists, please give us a call on 0113 252 4868 or email our team at info@mssltd.org.uk.

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