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Wet Coating Finishes

wet coating image The wheel once cleaned and prepared is placed in a pre-heat oven, where it is pre-heated to a set temperature for a set time length, this serves two purposes: the first is to drive as much gas out of the cast alloy as possible, and second to allow a thicker and more even coat to be applied.

Upon pre-heating a base powder coat primer, usually either gloss black or gloss grey in colour, is applied using electrostatic methods, and the wheel is returned to the oven for curing. The wheel is then removed from the oven and allowed to cool to a set temperature, ready for accepting the wet spray base coat. The wet spray coat is applied using conventional HVLP guns.

Wet Spray finishes are used to achieve more specialist colours and finishes, which are not available in powder, and consist of deeper finishes such as hyper silvers etc.

Choice of colours consist of the following:
  • Various shades of silver, Bright silver, Daihatsu silver, Silver leaf
  • Platinum silver, Satellite silver and Silver base
  • Direct Chrome and Bright Direct Chrome
  • Glitter and Flip Flops
  • Any colour which can be mixed and supplied by customer, automotive
  • Depending on the powder primer colour, the colours above will appear different between a black primer and a grey primer.
The wheel may again be returned to oven to re-heat slightly or flash off if required, this is entirely dependent on circumstances i.e. current air temperature, or number of wheels etc.

The lacquer is then applied in a conventional way and the shades are as follows
  • Flat Lacquer
  • Snowflake Lacquer
  • Tinted Lacquers, red, blue, yellow, glitter etc

Samples are available in our show room for your viewing. Not all silvers are the same, and colour matching is difficult without seeing the wheel. Customers can supply their own paint for those exact desired colours, but these need to be an automotive paint suitable for wet spraying. The powder primer coat is applied to the whole wheel i.e. Front, Back and well faces, whilst the wet spray finish and lacquer is only supplied to the face. In special cases if desired the wet spray can be applied to all faces, but this will be charged extra and must be requested. Wet coating finishes or spray finishes carry a twelve-month guarantee.
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